Mechanical assembly supporting various branches

Mechanical assembly supporting various branches
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Dellner Components is an organisation that provides a wide range of production services as well as subcontracting. Its activities cover materials procurement, CNC mechanical processing, machining, welding, electrical and mechanical assembly. The services that are supplied by the company are optimized in terms of costs and are always delivered on time. The main projects completed by the company concern train connection systems, brake systems as well as practical load systems. It is obvious that mechanical passenger train connection systems may strongly benefit from implementation of professional mechanical assembly. Besides, brake systems provided by Dellner Components can be used in marine, oil and gas sectors. The solutions of the company include wind power stations, rotation blocking and precise angle positioning. However, when it comes to load systems, the company has created a cutting-edge product, namely Autoconnector that facilitates remote connection between spreader and head block. This feature comes in handy in many port terminals.


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